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Dedicated to Wellbeing.

Sammie is a Mum to two beautiful girls, & lives with her husband, chickens, sausage dog & two cats in rural Dorset. She coaches well-being locally & globally online. 

After the birth of her second child Pilates became the catalyst for Sammie's career change from Maternity Nurse to a Pilates & Women's Wellness Coach.


Deeply inspired by advanced training with Burrell Education she offers supportive pelvic health rehab & recovery programs for women managing Incontinence, Prolapse, Diastasis Recti, C-Section & Hysterectomy & Menopause.

Sammie enthusiasm for hands-on therapies comes from her own rehabilitation journey & is a keen bodyworker, She trained with T3 Education to specialise in offering bespoke therapies combining Sports Massage, Core Fascial Release, Scar Massage Therapy & Instrument Assisted Massage.

Sammie's mission is to share the joy and benefits of appropriate movement alongside managing her own wellbeing. Having overcome adversity, & learnt to thrive while living with chronic health Sammie

warmly shares knowledge, caring for clients of all ages.

Supportive coaching for 'normal' folk.

In 2021 Sammie founded Long Covid Kids

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