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Useful tips to help you find your way around.

Everything is easy once you know how!

How to Choose the Right Class

This partially depends on what you want to achieve, and what is going on with your body.

All my classes are designed to be as inclusive as possible. Read more about classes to help you decide.

For example, CoreFit is a low impact class but there still could be certain things that aren't suitable for your body right now, that is why I ask each client to fill in a screening form before working with me. This way I can check the class will be appropriate & meet your needs, and keep the whole group moving appropriately together.

Nobody is left behind, we work at our own level of challenge, but the main thing is to keep moving in a way that feels good for your body. 

How Monthly Membership Works 

Designed to be as flexible as possible for us all, we all need more balance in our lives.

Choose one of the 4 Memberships & enjoy a free trial.

Payment will be taken from your account each month until you cancel.

If you cancel before the trial ends you will not be charged at all.

Membership gives you access to the membership video channels 52 weeks of the year.

Live online classes are taught 40 weeks of the year.

Simply choose the classes you would like to attend & book online.

Live classes are taught 40 weeks a year and are included in the membership.

Spaces are limited to 6-12 and are also bookable online.  

How to Book a Class

Go to Booking and select the class and time you want. Click next.

Fill in all your details.

Select the payment method, or choose a Membership and fill in your details.

Receive a confirmation email with your link to join. 

Booking complete.

Attend a Class

Ensure you are logged in and hover your mouse over your name in the top righthand corner.

Click on the arrow next to your name, and then on My Bookings.

Click the class you want to join, and then when it is time to join your class, click the ZOOM link.

You will need to register for a free ZOOM account before attending any class.

Watch a Video in the Membership Channel 

Ensure you are logged in to the website, you will know if you are as you name will appear in the top right-hand corner.

Click on Membership, and scroll down to the channel for your membership. E.g if you are a pilates member select Pilates Membership Channel.

You will see little video boxes if you hover over one the heading will come up. 

You can search for a specific type of class by clicking into the search bar under the first picture. Search by month, equipment, type etc ...this is something I am developing further. 


I have a membership but I am being asked for my card details.

If you have purchased a membership AND have logged into the site the system will not ask you for your card details. Please check you are logged in.

I booked a session but didn't get a confirmation email. 

The emails are automated, please check your junk and move the email to your inbox, 'add to contacts'  to avoid this happening again.

I would like to cancel my membership.

Please email

I want to book a class today but the class isn't showing.

Classes are removed from the booking system just before they start, please book. your classes ahead of the start time to avoid this issue.

Do I need the App.

You don't need it, but it does make booking super easy and is a great way to stay in touch or reach out. Clients say that find it easy & like it.

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