Appointments take place at The Move Clinic in Poundbury & are as individual as you & your body.



Bespoke assessment & treatment of niggles & pains

This 60-minute sports massage treatment is designed to ease symptoms, and encourage healing. Each session includes assessment & treatment, followed by a rehabilitation and maintenance homework plan if required.
Benefits include;
Increased body awareness
Reduced pain.
Increased performance.
Ease of mobility.
Sammie uses all her skill sets during assessment & treatment.



Improving sensation, mobility & appearance.

This gentle 90-minute session focuses on improving sensation, mobility and appearance of scar tissue, considering emotional & physically ties. This treatment is client-led. Working globally and locally to the scar, and not always, or necesarily directly on it.

 Benefits can include


Improved sensation.

Increased mobility.

Increased body awareness.

Emotional closure.

Smoother appearance.

Image by Shane
Back Massage


Cox order & restore energy

The goal of any Core Fascial Release session is to build integrity & strength into the body by inviting the client to discover where & how they are stuck, and how they might change the way they live as they become unstuck. CORE  systematically works through the connective tissue/fascia of your body to find where there is tension, pain, restriction, add movement, breath and to create EASE.
Who will benefit from Core Fascial Release? 
Anyone who;
Is chasing pain, with symptoms ‘hopping’ around the body, and perhaps back again 
Has Fibromyalgia.
Feels their emotions are holding them back physically.
Feels ‘stuck’
Has heard about the Vagus nerve and would like to explore that area.
Has tried alternative treatments without reaching their goal & would like to go deeper.
CORE bodywork is done with the hands and the head, but more importantly, the heart.



Establishing calm for both of you.

Establish calm & comfort with 75 minutes of positive touch for Mum in this nurturing treatment. Alleviate the aches and pains that growing a whole new human can bring. Using a combination of restorative techniques & breathwork that will bring you back to your body. Especially beneficial for;

Carpal Tunnel.

Pregnancy-related Pelvic Girdle Pain.

Diastasis Recti

Back pain.

Shoulder stiffness.

Reducing swelling 


Improving sleep.

Babies & feeding welcome. Many Mums like to come alone or with a babysitter so they can really switch off. 
Return home, rested, relaxed & taken care of.

Sleeping Baby
Reiki Treatment


Restoring balance to the female form

A deeply restorative and enlightening 90-minute treatment,  combining manual therapy and breathwork. 
Focusing on fascial release of the deep front fascial lines. Natural wax, gentle hand stokes and tool-assisted massage work to tease out the restricted fascia.
Benefits can include;
Reduced pain.
Improved digestion.
Improved mobility.
Restoring functional breath.
Especially beneficial for anyone that has birthed,  has a lung condition, abdominal or breast surgery, or undiagnosed hip/back pain.



Postnatal tummy check

For  postnatal woman from 6 weeks onwards.
This 45-minute postnatal women's wellness check is designed to support women with reconnecting to their body and encourage confidence in their recovery pathway choices.
Postnatal postural & movement assessment
Diastasis Recti check ( tummy gap) 
Functional breath check & guidance
Individualised recovery pathway or referral recommendations

Benefits can include;



Reduced pain



Mother Holding Baby

Therapy packages are available for clients requiring a treatment plan. Please ask at your appointment or email for further info.

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