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Hydrate Well & When To Pee

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

It's been hot!

Did you know that thirst is an early sign of dehydration?

Little children can often confuse hunger with thirst and need reminding to drink.... much like busy people, hyration can help maintain a healthy weight. 

The best way to stay topped up is to sip little and often.

How much should you drink a day?

1.5 - 2 litres of fluid a day is a good amount of you are active and the weather is hot.

Try adding ice, strawberries or cucumber if you fancy a flavour. Mint & slices of lemon or orange are delicious too but can be a bladder irritant for some people so it's something to watch out for.

How often should you pee each day?

Aim for gaps of around 2.5/3 hours. Your bladder is a storage device, to work efficiently it needs a chance to store, before your release!

Popping to the loo more regularly could be a sign of Bladder dysfunction and some lifestyle changes combined with some specific functional pelvic floor exercises could resolve that.

Prevention is better than cure

Take a tip from Women's Health Physio Michelle Lyons clinical consultant for the Holistic Core Restore® pelvic health & fitness programs I offer. " your pee should last for around 8 Mississippis".

Simply time your pee by repeating the work out loud as you go. Less Mississippis means you needed to hang on a bit longer, more Mississsipis would indicate you waited a bit too long.

If you do find yourself going too often or feeling the need to restrict fluids due to your bladder control please reach out. I can help with that.

Staying hydrated is important for every system in the body. One way of keeping hydration topped up is to keep a water bottle handy.

We invested in Sparrow stainless steel ones three years ago and they are still going strong surviving school and work commitments. I love that they come with a handy neoprene carry bag for family walks along the Jurrasic coast too.

It's insulated so even on the hottest days the water stays cool & refreshing wherever we are.

Whatever you drink out of try to avoid plastic bottles that can leech their hormone-disrupting chemicals into the water. 

Stainless steel or glass is ideal but if you do go for plastic aim for BPA free.

Please see my website to find out more about the Holistic Core Restore® programs I run, or get in touch if you would like some support.

Award-winning coach Sammie Mcfarland offers Pilates & Wellness coaching in Dorchester, Dorset & globally online. Find out more about Sammie,

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