Athlete 12


"a challenging online workout program, perfect for any  women that is 'on the go' and  wants to get stronger & fitter at a time that suits her"

What you get; £127:00- Online Program
  • 12 weeks of online fitness classes designed by the program creator Jenny Burrell. Once a week you will receive an email with the weeks home workouts, which are approximately 20 minutes in duration and progressed weekly to keep you challenged. You can do them as many time as you like.
  • Full health screening you would expect from Holistic Core Restore®
  • Closed supportive Facebook group 'Sammie's Athlete 12 Tribe" where you will get TWO more workouts, these can be played back at anytime to suit your day. These will vary to keep you body on it's toes. Pilates, Booty, Arms, Legs, Core, Balance, Mindfulness, Yoga, Cardio. Pick and choose your favourites as the weeks go on.
  • Fitness Tests to keep track of your progress and keep you accountable, a personal log to fill in with your measurements.
  •  Fat loss by combining the workouts with the healthy nutritional support, Eat Yourself Well recipe ideas & nourishment guide.

"Healthy, trim bodies are partially made in the kitchen"


Hot flushes, bloating, IBS, migraines, general aches & pains & tiredness were all part of my day until a month ago when I signed up to the Eat Your Self Well programme. I felt really apprehensive about joining but after reading Sammie’s “Hello” letter I was hooked! The information provided is informative & easy to understand, the recipes are fabulous & Sammie’s live videos are inspirational and full of helpful advice. The group support is wonderful & the positive comments keep you going if you’re having a bad day!! I always thought eating healthy meant depriving myself of anything nice but this is not the case! I feel wonderful, my hot flushes are no longer, my IBS completely disappeared, migraines are a thing of the past & I have so much energy that my family struggle to keep up with me. My body shape has changed so much in 4 weeks, I’ve dropped a dress size, I’ve lost 20 inches & for the first time in a long while I like myself . I feel so great on the inside that it shows on the outside

Lady of 47 – LOST 20″ and dropped an entire dress size…she has signed up for the next one.

Since starting with Sammie back in August I’ve lost half a stone. Weight loss wasn’t my aim but Sammie has introduced me to a much healthier way of living. My head is in a much better place because I’m not constantly berating myself and feeling guilty about my food choices. For the first holiday in a LONG time I’ve put my bikini on and felt proud of who I am and not spent the whole time looking at other woman and thinking “God I wish I looked like you”. I’m finally starting to become accepting of my body for me this is a far better personal achievement than any weight of lost. I’ll be restarting the plan when I’m back so hope to “see” some of you lovely ladies again. Well done to everyone who has taken part! Have thoroughly enjoyed “getting to know you” and sharing all our highs and lows

Lady in her 30s cracking emotional eating

Thank you Sammie for enlightening me on clean eating. The menus are delicious and your support and enthusiasm for us to succeed has been marvellous – and we all have. In 4 weeks I’ve lost pounds and inches and will continue to make the right choices to increase that loss. Above all I have more energy through the whole day, I feel stronger, sleep well and I never feel bloated. A very BIG thank you, I am signing up for September

Lady in her mid 50’s - LOST 6.5 inches and 3.5lb

Hi Sammie. I’m really pleased with my results as I was away on holiday for two weeks of the plan. I’ve lost 10.5 inches and 3 lb didn’t lose any in my neck but feel my double chin is going, nails much stronger, my joints not so swollen and arthritis not so painful can’t wait to start the next plan and do it properly. 

Lady in her 50’s

On a massive positive, I have lost another 4″ & I think my photos are starting to notice a change in my shape!!
But way more importantly for me is the improvement in my health!!
This is by no means a cure for my fybromyalgia but I am feeling so so much better; my energy levels are so improved , much more even.
I am def taking less painkillers.  As for the menopausal symptoms in particular the hot flushes well!!!! They are practically gone!! (I just wish those acquaintances who moan about them would give it a go!!!! )
I will never ever drink caffeine again it’s so not worth it!  Anyway enough rambling - Thank you Sammie you are an inspiration - Book me on the next course!

Lady in her 50s – second month, 4″ lost, signed up to do the next course

So, I didn’t actually take any measurements at the start of the programme. Partly because I joined up at the last minute! But mainly because I didn’t sign up to lose weight. However, I know that has been a happy side effect of taking part as I have had lots of comments and it seems I need to invest in a belt, or some new jeans! My wedding rings which had got quite tight are now comfortably loose again. My trousers are falling down around my hips and my legs are slimmer.In terms of what my aims were for taking part, I’m also really happy. It was through weaning my baby that I realised quite how lazy my eating habits had become, I’m not a tea or coffee drinker but I leant on sugary snacks, juice and pop to get me through slumps and me and my partner were eating the same meals, day in, day out. Through taking part in the plan we are all eating better as a family, there’s lots more variation in our diets and I am learning about how to enjoy life but still be healthy. I’ve got loads more energy and can tell the difference between how certain foods make me feel. 

Postnatal lady in her 30’s, feeling fab, and signed up for the next month

Taking part  has been such a positive experience for me. I’ve learnt a lot about what my body needs to fuel it correctly. In the past although I’ve eaten healthily I’ve chosen the wrong food groups and eaten at the wrong time which leaves me feeling bloated and lethargic. I’ve always had a terrible relationship with food and jumped at the chance to take part. Feeling that in my 30’s I was fed up with fad diets and yoyo ing. The best thing is that the food is delicious, simple and filling. Sammie, thank you for letting me be a guinea pig and I wish you every success in her new venture.

6.5 inches lost in her 30’s

Eat Yourself Well with Sammie has been great. I think the element I have found most useful is the education side of it. I feel I have learnt so much and feel empowered to use food to help a long term chronic health condition.
The plan makes sense and every decision is explained and rationalised. The layout of the course is methodical and easy to follow. Having the plan made for you initially allows you chance to properly understand how to design and build your meals.  I have managed to make it work around a busy shift working schedule. Sammie’s support is amazing and goes above and beyond what I expected. She has a wealth of knowledge that is so useful to benefit on and she’s great at sharing it. She is kind and considerate and gets things. The meals fill me up and keep me going through long shifts as a nurse. I have lost weight. My hair is shinier and skin is clearer. I have improved habits such as drinking water.  The recipes provide variety to your life as you don’t realise how small your repertoire is. Myself and my partner have enjoyed making the new recipes. The ingredient list isn’t too long and are always ones you can get easily. My food budget hasn’t had to change. I have really enjoyed planning for the week and shopping in a different way and have felt very organised.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about how we eat, improve their health without using medications, feel more motivated and loose weight. I am looking forward to continuing it and seeing the longer term benefits

Lady in her early 20's - 2 inches and 11lb lost

The last 4 weeks with Sammie have been great. Learning about clean eating has been so interesting and logical. The menu’s initially provided are easy to follow and fit in with family life and the food tastes amazing. As the course progresses you begin to design your own menus which helps with your understanding of food combinations.I have started to feel so much better in myself and I have more energy. I now sleep through the night which is amazing, I no longer have sugar cravings and I have lost weight and inches in just 4 weeks. Sammie has been there for us all the way, the video’s have been really helpful and she provides lots of useful information.If you want to change the way you eat to improve your health or loose weight and inches I would definitely recommend this course. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Sammie and learning more about clean eating and having more yummy recipes! Thanks Sammie

Lady in her 50's - 4.5 inches and 7lb lost