Cheap core & pelvic floor classes could leave you with more than change in your pocket.

Fact, if you have birthed, there is a 50% chance that you will have some sort of pelvic health dysfunction [1] . When Social media is awash with adverts promoting classes and programs that can ‘fix’ your pelvic health for less than the price many people spend on a pair of trainers….it is important to get clued up BEFORE making a decision on how to invest your money.

I recently saw an advert for a ‘new core & pelvic floor class’ advertised in a town I used to teach in. Cue my loud gasp,  eye rolling and a long hard think about how to write this blog. I wanted it to be useful, and of value, so here are some simple points that I feel are of value to every women.

This could be the very blog that saves you more than a few pounds, it could save your pelvic health.

All week long I receive enquires from prospective clients, many of whom are states they are concerned about their pelvic floor. Often one of the first questions I get asked, and in fact, often the only question is;

How much is the class?

I know my Holistic Core Restore® classes cost more than some, and I am comfortable with what I charge because I KNOW the value of the service I provide, and what I bring to the table. We all have a choice.

I choose to continually invest good sums of money on educating myself so that I can deliver a quality product to my clients. I choose to train with premium providers like Burrell Education,  and commit to the Holistic Core Restore® licence so that my knowledge is up to date, relevant, and ‘deeper’.

Every Holistic Core Restore® coach is already an expert in their field, and then trains extensively to become a specialist coach.

Client wellbeing & success is paramount.

I understand that cost is relevant but should it be the first, or only question?

I don’t know about you, but when I decide to buy new fitness gear I peruse the rails, until I see something that catches my eye. Then I like to feel the fabric and find out how it moves, does it make my teeth grate, does it have the technical requirements I am looking for. After all that, if I still like it, I look at the price, and only then do I try it on.

After all that I decide if it suits my budget. If I want it enough, I know I will make my budget fit! Even if that means I will have to trim back somewhere else to get it…..(the kids don’t need to eat  for example LOL )

BUT you know what, if I really think its exactly what I am looking for, I already know I am going buy it, heres why. 

I have too many drawers full of fitness clothes that never see the light of day. All a waste of money.

Either they don’t keep me the right temperature, they just aren’t quite the right fit, the colour doest suit me, or I just don’t feel fabulous in them.  It was in my thirties that I realised my Grandmothers advice was spot on. “Buy well once and you will never regret it ”

A bargain is never a bargain unless its the perfect fit.

When it’s clean, I go straight for my  Sweaty Betty gear over and above the rest, it fits well, it does what I need it to do and it makes me feel happy. The bargain leggings picked up in Asda because it was cheap, or the TK Max sports bar that “might do as a spare”, get ignored, week in and week out. They look okay, but when it comes down to it they don’t ‘work’ for me.

So how does this relate to your pelvic health?

You get what you pay for! It is as simple as that.

I rarely get asked;

  • What are your qualifications?
  • How long did it take you to train?
  • What knowledge & experience do you have of my condition?
  • How will you know if I am suitable for the class?
  • How successful are your methods?
  • Do you have testimonials from satisfied clients?

and yet these questions are the ones that really matter, these are the questions that will ensure you are looked after, and your pelvic health is protected.

What is the core?

The core consists of 4 main components that need to work together.

  • Diaphragm
  • Tummy muscles
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Lower Back Muscles

After birth, injury, or surgery, these components can stop function well together, and require retraining. Perhaps this core dysfunction is inhibited by poor posture. Diastasis recti (mummy tummy or tummy gap) could be causing a reduction in tension in the midline tissues or, maybe there is some scaring that is causing restriction. Often the muscles do not need strengthening, but need releasing instead.

A specialist coach will know how to consider any dysfunction and plan a bespoke session reflecting the clients need. A specialist coach will encourage you to do LESS until you have retrained your muscles and improved the relationship between your breath & your functional movement.

What can happens when when the exercise is inappropriate?

If you are looking for a specialist ‘pelvic floor & core’ class it is because you have already identified that you have some level of dysfunction and know you need to look after your pelvic floor.

When the core is dysfunctional the intra abdominal pressure , IAP, becomes a problem.

In a functioning core the pressure is managed using the breath, and helps manage the increased load safely within the body. When there is dysfunction, the pressure can be forced into weaker areas, often down, causing strain and unnecessary load.

This can cause;

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse. POP

There is no cure for Pelvic Organ Prolapse, but there are many strategies that can improve, reduce or eliminate symptoms. If the exercise is inappropriate, and symptoms are ignored, they will get worse, so it’s important to get this right.

Signs can include;

  • Incontinence at anytime, no matter how infrequent 
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Pain during or after sexual intercourse 
  • Downward pressure or sense of dragging in the pelvis
  • Difficulty inserting tampons
  • A lump, protrusion or bulge 

How can I protect myself?



  • To be insured to teach a class to a ‘special’ population (a specific group of people with similar issues) the coach must have specific training. Ask to see a specific pelvic floor qualification, a qualified specialist will admire your vigilance and happily evidence their qualifications.


  • Do your research, check out what level of training your coach has. Was it a one day workshop, a weekend, online, live or was it a comprehensive certified program that is respected in the industry. Decide if you are comfortable with their level.


  • See a Women’s Health Physiotherapist to get a diagnosis before guessing at whats going on with your pelvic health.


  • Fill in the screening form in detail, and if there isn’t one WALK AWAY.


  • Avoid any class that includes sit ups, jumping jacks, high knees, sprints, planks or any exercises that cause you pain.


  • Avoid any class that gets you bouncing on a trampoline, participating in exercise with a baby, either in a sling or in your arms.


  • Make sure your instructor knows your story, history, and how you feel during your class. Keep an open dialogue.


What can you expect from a Holistic Core Restore® Coach?


  • Comprehensive knowledge. We are a team of experts in our field and we support each other, so that we can support our clients. All the coaches are highly skilled with a firm background in women health and are already practicing in their field. There are Woman’s Health Physiotherapists, Midwives, Maternity Nurses, Pre and Postnatal Fit Pro Specialists, Dieticians, Nutritionalists to name a few.


  • Screening and assessment before you start exercising.


  • A lot of questions that might seem personal, but are going to keep you safe and comfortable throughout, and improve your pelvic health for the long game.


  • Ongoing support, and interest in your health outside of the class.


  • A holistic package of care that meets your needs.


  • Referral pathways, if we feel you need further support, we will refer you to the right person, and support you with that referral until you are ready to come back to class.


  • Passion, not egos.

If you would like further support with your pelvic health please get in touch

A Holistic Core Restore colleague of mine , Lisa Butler from Flawed & Awesome recently wrote a blog about Choosing a Postnatal Exercise Coach- Cost v Value and I loved her comparisons. Check it out if you get a chance.

[1] Jenny Burrell 2018