It’s not Self ish, it’s Self care.


Time is precious, and it sometimes feels like there is never enough time, we have good intentions, but they never quite make it to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

Does that sound familiar?

As technology becomes more advanced, more efficient, life speeds up, we can achieve more, do more, be more…but do we what do?

Life is busy. ‘Life’ can get in the way of, well, living.

But with all the amazing advances our species have made, our bodies have not advanced at all.
Our human body is the same as it always was.
Our brain is the same as it always was.
Our vital systems run the same way they always have.

Is it any wonder life can feel hectic, rushed, busy and overwhelming at times?, our sympathetic nervous system is in over drive, fight or flight.

Our hormones can be become out of balance. We are not designed to live at the pace that modern technology allows, and it is time to pull back, but slowing down now often brings guilt. Just because we ‘can’, doesn’t mean we ‘should’.

Adrenal fatigue, chronic illness , auto immune conditions, allergies, mental health conditions and cancers feed on stress, and it is a real concern. These conditions are on the increase, something needs to change, and start embracing the art of ‘slowing down’, mindfulness and restorative activity.

I’m a Mum, running my own business in the heart of Dorset. My life is always busy. Historically I have felt a lot  lot of pressure to be ‘more’, to do ‘more’.

In fact, if I am honest, it has been too busy, and as I approach my 43rd birthday I am more and more interested in finding ways I can create some space in my life, bring more joy and calm to my day. I am practicing to learn that I am ‘enough’. That’s pretty huge. Can you even say it? “I am enough”. I am still practicing saying it to myself!

Creating windows of time for ourselves can mean taking a step back from family & work commitments and moving ourselves to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

Here are my top tips;

Delegate to older children, they can do more than you think.

Lean to say No and feel happy about looking after yourself

Before saying Yes, ask yourself is it essential, or will it bring joy

Create appointments with yourself and keep them. You are as important as anything else in your diary.

Rediscover things you enjoy, or discover something new. Absorb yourself weekly.

It’s not SELF ish, it’s SELF care, but that often doesn’t come naturally to women, and especially not to self employed Mum’s.

And so, over a supportive cup of tea with another self employed Mum, Sam Wilson Fitness, the concept of our restorative retreat was born.

15th – 17th March 2019

The Manor House Retreat in Moreton is for women, like us, who need to put themselves first for a change. It is also for women, like us, who want to mix a little of what we need, with a little of what we want.
The idea of hours of meditation didn’t appeal and the thought of a weekend without a glass of wine wasn’t going to work, so we set about creating a retreat that brings together what is needed and what it desired. A weekend of balance.

Our retreat is for women;

Who feel they are constantly chasing their tail
Who are ready to replenish their energy supply
Who would like to feel taken care of
Who know they need to slow down a little but haven’t found the time
Who like to laugh, talk and share
Who enjoy moving, exercise and nature
Who would like a retreat with treats and surprises
Who are ready to reset the balance and continue the good work at home

Creating a weekend that was easy to book, simple to pack for and with minimum decision making was key. Sometimes just booking a trip away can be exhausting, so we removed all the decision making and have taken care of everything.

The tranquil Manor House at Moreton is surrounded by countryside, peace and quiet, so it was the obvious choice. There is plenty of space to roam, relax, sleep, laugh and eat.


Beautiful food is at the heart of the weekend, and of course that means taking advantage of wonderful local suppliers that not only produce delicious food, but also produce with integrity.
It goes without saying that we have already chosen a selection of musli from the Primrose’s Kitchen range.
The Beetroot & Ginger is a personal favourite of mine, and will be served as alongside a wonderful array of Dorset delights including creamy full fat yogurts, local eggs, colourful vegetable dishes & artisan breads.

Two of our family members have joined the team. Sam’s husband Rich Wilson will be the personal chef for the weekend and in charge of creating colourful meals .
Sammie’s Mum, Ann Boniface, will be rustling up mouth watering canapés, baking traditional cakes with a modern twist, and a selection of healthy alternatives to inspire.
It is, after all, about finding balance and enjoying everything in moderation.

Gentle movement sessions are interspersed with relaxing activities designed to switch on the parasympathetic nervous system, our rest and digest system, reduce stress and clam the mind.
Activities include; Restorative Pilates, Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness, Guided walking, Nutritional Workshops, Reading and Rest Time. There are optional stronger sessions for those that would like them.


We are women, we know women so of course we have included treats and surprises. The lovely Nicola Claydon is joining us to provide deeply relaxing Reflexology, and Sam and I will be providing restorative full body massage.
There is wine to look forward to and what weekend would be complete without a glass of fizz.

On the Saturday evening the talented Claire Bowring is joining us after dinner, so an evening of make up tuition and skin consultation.Practicing makeup was a teenage activity, and shamefully it hasn’t been updated since. Claire will show us how to apply make up to suit our ages and skin type.



All that and healthy discussions, access to two postnatal expert health coaches, pelvic health tips, hormone support and some jolly good old fashioned female chin wagging.

All in all it has worked out to be a rather splendid weekend and we can’t wait to share it with women that are ready to value themselves and start prioritising their self care.

We have the last 3 kingsize rooms available, including the master suite, just get in touch by email if you would like to join us, in shared or single occupany.

And if you can’t join us for this weekend, but would like to find out about other restorative services on offer please sign up to my NEWSLETTER.