Did you know that our skin is our biggest organ, what we put on it is directly absorbed into our systems. Our society has developed 1000's of chemicals which we are exposed to every day.

They are known to disrupt our hormones and well known to effect our long term health, yet they are cheaper than natural products, and the 'beauty' industry is a big business, so they are still used until they are banned. Sadly it takes a lot of very sad evidence before the government bans them. SO we need to think ahead and take action ourselves.

We can't possibly avoid all chemicals, as specially the ones in the environment, BUT we can certainly minimise our exposure and make our home environment as chemical free as possible....and in doing so we reduce OUR impact on the environment.

When I massage a client I ONLY use natural products. I wouldn't use anything on a client that I am happy to use on myself. If the client is absorbing the product, my hands will be too. I use a mix of almond oil and bees wax, some scented with essential oils and some fragrance free. As part of my massage business I am pleased to be able to supply the wonderful Neal's Yard products.

Yes they are a little more expensive than a pot of cream from a supermarket. Thats because they are natural. Instead of wondering why they are so expensive, we should be wondering how the others can be so cheap. There are always monthly discounted offers so keep an eye out for those.  Many of the products come in glass bottles, all packaging is minimal and recyclable and BPA (hormone disrupting chemicals in cheap plastic) free.

One way our household is helping the environment is reverting to soap! Imagine how many less bottles there would be if we all made that simple change. Thats my soap box bit said!

Not only will you have something lovely that will nourish your body, that smells divine and that will last a little longer than a cheaper alternative......you can know you are protecting the environment for those you love now and future generations too.