"together we strive for perfection, and togetherwe celebrate our achievements, and accept our limitations"

I approach each movement mindfully, enabling true body awareness. Classes progress termly they are; pelvic floor friendly, effective, & usually delivered with a sprinkling of fun.

Pilates strengthens and lengthens the body from the inside out by working all muscle groups, with particular focus on the core postural muscles. The exercises I coach offer a gentle approach,and encourage the development of excellent technique.

With focus on precision, quality and control, joints receive less stress, & muscles can guide with ease. Clients enjoy challenge without strain and develop a connection they often haven't felt before.

Gradually, with practice, clients develop correct activation and achieve coordinated movement with functional breath.
Pilates classes not only improve body awareness, posture and muscle tone, but also movement patterns, encouraging grace and ease.

Join us for a class and discover why my clients love their classes & I love my work.

Classes are well attended in The Breathing Space, Dorchester Maiden Newton, Buckland Newton.

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Joseph Pilates originally founded his Pilates Studio in New York with his wife Clara, in the 60's. Since that time our understanding of the human body has progressed significantly.

Joseph Pilates original moves form the foundation of my classes, but I modify the movements into more manageable 'bit size' movements. By 'deconstructing' the exercises it is possible to 'layer' them back up, working with challenge but not strain.

My teaching style significantly reduces the chance of stress or strain. I encourage each client to challenge, and taught how to relax, technique is key.

Precision, quality and control is taught in every movement with an emphasis on body awareness, and this awareness transfers to daily life and will strengthen the core, reduce back pain and make living in your skin an absolute joy.

All clients are screened and are asked to disclose any condition or injury before they attend a class. Exercises are adapted and modified to suit the participants need.

I welcome clients of all ages and abilities, and have postnatal mums, women recovering from breast cancer, hysterectomy and stroke. I have clients with hip replacements, plates & pins, knee replacements, fused spines, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and pretty much everything else you can think of. If I can accommodate you, I will.

If there are spaces in a class new clients may try the class before committing to a half term block. I do not offer pay as you go for pilates.


Power Pilates

A stronger class, incorporating stronger intermediate Pilates moves with assisted stretching. Suitable for clients that have a firm understanding of the fundamentals, good body awareness and are familiar with the the way I coach. Not suitable for those with injuries.

Posture Pilates

This class offers a great introduction to Pilates. It runs at a gentle pace suitable for beginners, seniors, postnatal clients and anyone working with an injury or condition, that has been cleared to exercise. 

Modified Pilates

Suitable for all ages and abilities.  A blend of modified classic pilates exercises, providing challenge without strain. Incorporating strength, balance, release, postural alignment & body awareness. The session is modified for the clients attending, allowing mixed abilities to work alongside each other.

Restorative Pilates

All the wonderful benefits of pilates with a little more focus on release and mental health, providing challenge without strain. Self care strategies to release the body, improve alignment, posture and mobility. Optional tea, chat & female support.