Postnatal Massage


"the 4th trimester is time for healing & recovery, realignment and reconnection, this relaxing treatment will bring you back to your body"

As a Women's Pilates & Health coach I combine sports massage with my Holistic Core Restore® knowledge to deliver this very special treatment.

The 4th trimester, the postnatal phase, is a busy time, with new skills to learn, and precious moments to spend. It is time for some valuable self care to aid birth recovery and help to rediscover your body again.

Why do new mums need specialist postnatal massage?

Muscles that have been short and tight during pregnancy are now being asked to work; lifting, carrying, cuddling and feeding. These movement patterns are repeated  and can cause muscle imbalance and or pain. Symptoms include the muscles feeling weak, achy or tired. Short or tight muscles can inhibit realignment & healing by holding the skeletal system in an incorrect posture. This can lead to postural changes, discomfort and poor sleep if not treated.
Common areas for discomfort are:

  • Upper Neck
  • Back of Shoulders
  • Low Back
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Pubic Area
  • Scars
The Nurturing Mumma Postnatal Massage £60.00

The treatment is 'organic', in that I will listen to how you are feeling, asses your body when we meet, and plan the treatment around your body. Using a range of natural beeswax and oils that you can choose from on the day the treatment incorporates a variety of slow and relaxing strokes, fascia work, stretching & releasing as well as assisted massage using a massage tool.

Your postnatal body deserves gently teasing out. If you are feeding or have breast tenderness you will be positioned on your back and side, & will be comfortably supported with pillows. If you are happy to lay on your front we we can also use this position.

This treatment is best experienced alone, when total relaxation is possible. You are welcome to bring a partner or grandparent along and they can sit in another room and care for your baby, or go for a short walk nearby.

I want you to feel pampered and get the best experience, and you need to be able to relax to experience that so if you prefer babies are welcome in their car seat or pram, and can be in the same room alongside you.

Massage appointments take palace at Hygge Wellness in Brewery Square Dorchester. 

This massage makes a fabulous gift. You can purchase downloadable gift vouchers below.

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