Pink Porridge

Oats are cheap, fast and sooooo good for you. I always suggest jumbo oats as I like the consistency they give, but they also help to provide a sense of fullness for longer , reducing over eating. Oats  contain more ‘energy providing carbohydrates and good fat than most grains and are loaded with vitamins, minerals […]

Watercress & Butter Bean Soup

Watercress is said to contain both antiviral and antibacterial properties that help reduce inflammation, including swelling. Packed with vitamin A, C & K, folic acid & iodine and makes a perfect quick soup. I love eating it raw, but some people find it too peppery, cooking it helps to reduce the peppery taste, while still enjoying […]

Leak, Pear & Cashew Soup

Cashews are packed with vitamins and minerals, including  vitamin E, K & B6, magnesium and zinc. Although high in fat Cashews mainly contain unsaturated fats that may reduce your risk of heart disease. Adding them in gives a lovey creaminess to the soup, as well as topping up your protein intake.  Feel free to play with […]