What if a ‘New Year New You’ feels to much?


We hear it a lot around this time of the year!

New year, new you? I am not a huge fan of that saying.  It sounds exhausting, overwhelming and that the old me wasn’t good enough …

I do believe the end of the year is as good a time as any to reflect and reassess and consider setting the odd goal. It is the prefect time to plant some ‘healthy seeds’ and nurture the right environment for them to grow.

Jumping into making dramatic changes can cause us to stumble back into the very habits we hoped to leave behind, which can be counter productive and take us further from our goals. Small tweaks are our friend

A Huge Shock

Towards the end of 2019 a very good friend had a serious health scare, it was a huge shock, and knocked my emotions sideways. It made me take a step back and consider how precious life is.
One thing I realised was that I had been imposing some ‘self limiting beliefs’ on myself that were making me unhappy, once I worked out why, with the support of some great friends and family and the Hygge Wellness holistic therapy team, I decided I needed to work on my emotional health.

I intend to continue to work on my emotional & mental health through 2020,  it feels good, similar to cleaning out a cupboard, or weeding a flower bed! It’s ‘work’ but it is satisfying.

I am going to concentrate on living “in the moment” this year,  because I am doing my best

(and will keep repeating  positive affirmations until I can really embrace it and believe it)

Good intentions need harnessing,  and in time, little by little, those habits, physical or emotional, become part of who we are.

Positive affirmations can really help. I learnt a lot about how the body is sensitive to the ‘energy’ around it last year.  Repeating a positive affirmation can help create positive energy and support emotional wellness.

Support & enjoyment are key to making change, find your tribe

Short Term Goals

Short term goals are always better than long term, not only are they more realistic, they provide an emotional ‘boost’ when you reach them that makes your heart soar and keeps you motivated.

Find knowledgeable & inspiring coaches that can support you every step of the way, and assist you with identifying your short term goals and working out the best way to achieve them.


Finding a movement or relaxing session you enjoy might take a bit of trial and error, and thats okay! When you find the right session that brings joy, you are onto a winner!

‘Your tribe’ is one that is full of like minded people who, just like you are looking for more than a class to burn fat, or strengthen your core, or improve your pelvic floor… (although these things are. important too) it is one that get’s to know you, understands what your body and mind really need, and gives you a sense of belonging.

Self Limiting Beliefs 

To put it simply, selflimiting beliefs are assumptions or perceptions that we can have about ourselves and about the way the world works. These assumptions are “selflimiting” because in some way they can hold us back from achieving what we are capable of.

Finding a coach to support you to be your best and move beyond self imposed limits can have a positive effects on your mindset and ability to reach your goals. Spending time with encouraging and uplifting people that you relate to makes all the difference….YES we can all have off days, but together we can keep each other inspired.


FACT – Group activity is the very BEST way to reach your goals

Motivation, and support is the very best way to make new habits….THAT LAST. Surrounding yourself with like minded positive people will boost your mood, and energy levels,

positivity is contagious …you can’t help but be motivated and nurture your own ‘healthy seeds’

There won’t be a ‘new me’ in 2020,  but I will continue to work on ‘me’ while I support my clients to work on themselves. I feel women have enough on their plate, all the small things we have to do adds up.

This will be enough. I am enough.

Sammie is an award winning Women’s Wellness Coach & Soft Tissue Therapist. She offers Pilates & Holistic Core Restore® Pelvic Health & Fitness in her studio, The Breathing Space® in Brewery Square, Dorchester, Dorset.

She also runs classes in the villages of Maiden Newton & Buckland Newton.

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