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All bookings are made online via the booking system on the website where the services are clearly laid out.

Clients are advised to register for an account when booking so that all information is held in one place for future reference.

Payments are taking through secure merchant banking systems and no payment information is stored by Sammie Mcfarland. 


These are payable monthly and can be cancelled at any time.


Are payable until December 2020.


"On Location', classes are subject to availability & the situation with the pandemic.

If  Sammie were unable to teach a session that is part of the membership, another session will be added at an alternative time as soon as she is able so that the number of sessions remain the same.

Individually booked live sessions will be refunded if cancelled.

It is not possible to refund a missed session.

It is not possible to refund  memberships, but they can be suspended or cancelled at anytime.

In the event of an unexpected change in personal circumstances please contact Sammie Mcfarland.



Please read this disclaimer carefully before using any exercise videos from Sammie Mcfarland.

It is always advisable to consult with your primary health care provider before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.

You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. 

If you engage in this exercise, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, & assume all risk of injury to yourself online. You not work with an injury or pain.


Classes are mainly mixed ability to accommodate the range of need. A range of progressive instructions is given for each exercise.

Classes are delivered with clear instruction to reflect knowen health conditions and ability. 

It is the responsibility of the client to listen carefully to the instructions, and select the appropriate level, as well as accepting the advice given. Working with strain will not achieve results faster and could result in injury.

All existing conditions/disabilities/concerns should be detailed on the pre-screening form so that your needs can be considered. Any changes in health should be updated immediately.

Clients working with preexisting conditions or health concerns should be cleared to exercise by their primary health care provider before participating in a class. Where necessary please provide further information in writing. 

A One-One session is highly recommended before returning to class following surgery or chronic illness.

It should never be necessary to work with pain, should you experience any pain please stop the exercise immediately and let me know - alternatives can always be given.


More than 24 hours before:

Reschedule - Clients can reschedule appointments ONCE IF more than 24 hours before the appointment WITHOUT any financial consequence. 

Cancel - If you choose to cancel your appointment 50% of the fee will be refunded upon request.

Repeat cancellations will result in 100% of the fee being retained.

Less than 24 hours before:

Cancel - Clients can cancel their appointment less than 24 hours before but will need to email Sammie Mcfarland to do so. 100% of the fee will be retained, EXCEPT in the case where the condition is contagious.

Non-attendance - Failure to attend the appointment will result in a full charge.

Repeat cancellations will result in 100% of the fee being retained.

I am unable to treat clients that are unwell or who have a contagious condition. This includes colds, coughs contagious viruses and fungal infections.


The email address is Please add it to your contacts list so that the security on your computer allows emails into your inbox. If you do not get the emails, it relates to your security settings, which may need to be turned down and you should consult an IT expert. This is not in my control.

Sign up to the client's newsletter via 

The FaceBook group is Sammie Mcfarland Pilates & Wellbeing Dorset  please FOLLOW the page to keep updated. Alternately send Sammie Mcfarland a friend request on Facebook and you will receive an invite to the right groups.

To stay in touch on social media please join the client group Sammie Mcfarland A Balanced Wellbeing on Facebook.


Sammie is always happy to assist with wellbeing enquiries at the beginning of a class, but please remember this eats into class time. Specific and personal pilates & health concerns are best addressed in a 1-1 appointment so that the correct advice or referral can be made. You are welcome to ask general queries in the FaceBook client group or by email.


All classes are friendly and inclusive, health and enjoyment are paramount. Abuse, intimidation, bullying and unsafe practice will not one tolerated and could result in a client being asked to leave, and NO refund.


Feedback is always welcome, constructive feedback can be sent to  

Sammie Mcfarland reserves the right to consider each individual situation and review these T’s & C’s at any time.

May 2020

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