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They say it as it is, find out how they feel about what is on offer.

"showing me where my shoulders needed 'untightening' was a real help, I love the variety"

Mrs S

"your video classes set work perfectly for me as I can't always make the live classes, thanks "

Mrs S

"thank you for managing to continue to provide us with a wonderful. Uplifting service despite the troubled times."

Mrs M

"so lovely to be welcomed with open arms"

Miss S

"loving the website and being able to book as I want to, its easier to access zoom there and I have been using the videos between classes"

Mrs R

"Much better than any doctor I have seen. I was bowled over by the extensive knowledge in biology, muscle and skeletal structure and how it all interconnects!"


"Pilates has been quite challenging but that is good, your classes are all so varied and I feel much better, to be honest, I have been really pleased to have the chance to do more classes, it gives me focus and I really enjoy them."


"it really was great to take some time for myself and I came out feeling relaxed and refreshed"

Mrs B

"the guided meditation following the release section was amazing - I think I almost fell asleep"



"Many thanks and well done for all the brilliant classes you give - I so love them and you are brilliant! Thank YOU."

Mrs C

"Lovely class this morning. Felt great afterwards - a perfect Friday wind down. More please,"


"I felt very relaxed and cared for"

Miss S

"I really like the graded exercise and effort, building in intensity over the weeks so I see myself progress"

Mrs C

"Sammie has such a lovely presenting style,  I learnt tips and exercises at the workshop that will be helpful"

Mrs W

"I’m loving the classes, especially using the equipment. If I miss one I’m using the library to catch up over the weekend when I tend to get very stiff. My back is a lot better.

When I started back in March I could not do any of the roll down! Now I can do it comfortably. Hurrah. Still, a long way to go but strengthening tight and weak areas ( shoulders, inner thigh, etc) are definitely helping the back."

Mrs R

"I really enjoy posture & restorative went for a long walk with a friend for over an hour, soemthing I haven't been able to do for a long time since I fell done the stairs three years ago, I am sure it is down to all the pilates I am doing with you during lockdown."

Mrs R

"I enjoyed the thoracic stretches this morning, deep and effective, thanks x"

Mrs F

"Mojo is really freeing up my hips, thank you for making. it  professional and accessible "


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Restorative class this morning. That’s my favourite. Lots of stretching and controlled breathing helps my creative craft brain completely relax"

Mrs R

"I feel fitter, have less pain and greater mobility, your instructions are clear informative and encouraging,  and I know if I'm not sure I can always email you which gives me a sense of security, thank you for all that you do."


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