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Save with a monthly membership that gives you access to all the Pilates & Movement classes to support your body.
Each membership offers a 7-day free trial & can be cancelled at any time. 

Simply sign up for a monthly membership. Try out the classes & membership channel.

Stay with us if you enjoy what we do it stay with us and payment will be taken after your trial, or if it's not what you are looking for you can leave within the trial period without paying a thing.

Choose Your Membership

  • Membership Channel

    Valid for one month
    • Pilates Membership Channel
    • CoreFit Membership Channel



Create your site login and select your membership. Enjoy a free trial to see if you like what is on offer.

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Book a class & your zoom link

will be added to 'your bookings' on your login page.


Login to see 'your bookings',

attend classes with your zoom link or watch videos on a membership channel.

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